What’s In a Domain Name? How To Create One For Success

By April 9, 2017Business, Website

Here at KooSwift, we have stressed the importance of a professional website for small businesses, and today we are here to discuss the value of domain names. Keep reading to learn more about what a domain name is and how important it is to the success of your company.

What Is a Domain Name?
A domain name is the naming system for giving addresses to web servers and web pages. Your domain name is a crucial part in branding your company and careful consideration must be taken into what you choose. Here are four ways a domain name can make or break your business:

Searching for Extensions
Before you settle on a name, it is important to understand the need for a dot-com domain name. You may be tempted to choose a dot-info, dot-people or dot-biz because they are cheaper or more available, but there is credibility that comes with a dot-com. Dot-com websites are what consumers trust and even expect from a business. If you are able to get the dot-com domain name you want, grab the other extensions so no one can copy your site.

When looking for your domain name, consider spelling, pronunciation and length. If one of these things doesn’t click, it could decrease the chances of customers and readers discovering your website. Talking about websites has become a part of our daily conversation and you want yours to be easily said out loud. If your website has an unusual spelling, especially if it is different than how your company name is spelled, that could become troublesome for customers.

New website owners often keep SEO practices in mind as they create and launch their online presence. One way to get a boost is by including an important keyword in the domain name, but only if it’s a natural fit. It may be tempting to add a hyphen to your domain name to get in that keyword, but as we mentioned above, make the name easy to type, say and remember.

Originality and Branding
There are a lot of elements that go into creating and finding the perfect domain name. Have fun, get creative and come up with something that fits your brand and business. The obvious route to take is to use the same name as your business; there is nothing wrong with that, but remember you have full creative control! Think of a successful domain name like Google, this was a new word when it started and has since become a verb.

What KooSwift Can Do for You
We have access to hundreds of thousands of domain names, including the best domain names to brand your online presence at an affordable price. Contact us today to create a custom website that reflects your business’ brand and message.

About KooSwift

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