Three Reasons Every Bride Needs a Wedding Website

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If you are getting married, congratulations! This is an incredibly magical time, but can also be a stressful one. With all of the different vendors and guests you as the bride and groom have to deal with, you may wish you could put all of your wedding information in one place and just have people look there first before they ask you… well you can now! It is becoming more popular and common for couples to create a custom wedding website to share with their guests. If you’re on the fence, here are three reasons to construct a wedding website tailored specifically to your big day.

Three Reasons to Create a Wedding Website

    • Provide Information

      Unlike paper invitations that are easily misplaced, a wedding website is a constant place where guests can quickly and easily find information about your event. Because you don’t need to fit the entire website into a single envelope, you can include even more details such as local hotels where out-of-town guests can stay, the schedule for the day, links to your registries and anything else you think might be helpful to your guests. You also have the option of updating it as much as you want, so there won’t be that one family member that missed hearing about an important change.

    • Customize Your Page

      Just like your big day, your wedding website should be personalized to reflect who you two are as a couple. At KooSwift, we offer a top design team that will capture your essence and reflect it on the screen. This can include using the same color schemes as your wedding or matching the font on your invitations to a customized logo or banner image showcasing your engagement pictures; if you dream it we can design it.

    • Share Your Love

      You may have told the story about how you met or the proposal a hundred times, but on your website you can sit down and write it out for your guests once and for all. By creating a “How We Met” page you can take guests on the journey of your love.

A wedding website may be one of your best tools to reduce constant calls from family and friends who forgot one piece of information. With a website, you can direct them right to where they will find the answers they seek. Contact the KooSwift team today to create a customized and personalized wedding website that will showcase all your big day details and reflect you as a couple.

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