Professors and Teachers: Introducing Reasons You Need a Website

By September 16, 2016February 7th, 2020Education, Portfolio
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A professional website is one of the most underutilized tools for those in any field. One sector in particular that desperately needs their own website is educators (teachers and professors). Keep reading to learn why academic leaders need their own site and how easy it is to create one.

3 Reasons Teachers and Professors Need a Website

Maintain an Online Presence

Most university and school websites have a biography section set up for the staff and facility. While you might think that is enough, what happens when you leave? If you leave to start work at a new school or college, you will lose your presence until a new biography is set up. By creating your own website, you allow yourself to be found at any time and can alert followers to your new place of work and share those experiences.

Share Published Work

Teachers and professors also need a personal website to keep their published work in one place. Instead of linking to another website that published a piece of your work, take a screen shot and share that on your website (you can still share the link too). This allows you to always have a copy and proof in case the original website is taken offline. We have web developers who will help you with a layout and design tips to create the best website possible.

Assert Yourself as an Industry Leader

To become a respected leader in your industry, you must have an active presence online and with your peers. Writing your own blog posts will provide you an opportunity to share your insights and will give your readers a look into your expertise. With your own website, you can also add a comment section to exchange ideas with followers.

As an academic professor or teacher, it is important to create and maintain a personal website. Having your own website allows you to maintain an online presence, share published work and assert yourself as an industry leader. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to create your own website and talk with our designers to craft the perfect page.

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