Logo Design With 500 Free Business Cards

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As you build your business from the ground up, you may be interested in creating a company logo. A quality and effective logo is one that is familiar and instantly connects customers to your brand and business; this is a symbol of your company identity. When you think of the most famous logos, you can usually recall the brand at first glance. Some even have hidden messages in them!

4 Tips for a Great Logo

  • Be Unique and Clever
  • Reflect Your Brand’s Personality
  • Understand Color
  • Use Just a Name

Logos are often the first thing a customer will notice about your brand; you want yours to represent your company with one look. Use these four tips to create a logo that will leave a positive impression on your audience and best represent your brand.

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KooSwift will create a custom logo design with 500 free business cards to help your business grow at an affordable price.*
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    *Disclaimer: The logo design will consist of a unique typography, graphic icon, and up to three colors. The client will receive AI, jpg, png, and pdf formats for print and web. The business cards are printed on 16pt paper stock.