How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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When you write a blog on your website, you want people to read it. After all, you took the time to research the topic, create a compelling headline, write the article and make sure it’s polished before publishing it; now you want it viewed and shared.

If you want to get a few more eyes to your page, here are four ways to use social media to drive more traffic to your blog.

4 Ways Social Media Can Help Increase Blog Traffic

Be on the Right Channels

It is important to know where your audience is. If your followers are on LinkedIn but not Twitter, there’s no reason to put a lot of time and energy into your Twitter account (or vice versa). Pay attention to which social media accounts receive the most interaction and shift your focus to posting your blog articles there.

Add Social Sharing Tool to Your Site

A great tool to try is Flare, which allows you to combine sharing options via Twitter, Facebook, email, and social bookmarking sites into one tactic. Adding this plugin to your website makes it easy as can be for readers to share the link with their contacts; this can expand your reach greatly.

Know Ideal Character Length

Just because you can write a lengthy update to your blog post doesn’t mean you should. Social Media Explorer notes the ideal character count for Twitter, Facebook and Google+:

Twitter – Tweets shorter than 100 characters attract 17% more engagement.
Facebook – Surprisingly, Facebook posts with less than 40 characters received 80% more engagement than longer posts.
Google+ – If the headline of your Google+ posts is longer than 60 characters, the engagement levels fall by 18%.

Use Visuals

No matter how great your headline is, nothing beats an eye-catching image. Take a look at the impact visuals have on these different social media channels:

Image-based posts attract 39% more engagement.

Videos see 28% more engagement.
Images receive 94% more +1s.
Animated GIFs receive 39% more +1s.

Image-based posts attract 98% more comments.
Linking to YouTube videos results in 75% more shares.

Including images, vines and videos can get you 200% more engagement as compared to simple text Tweets.

When your creating social media updates for your newest blog post, knowing where to post, making it easy to share, writing the best update and using images will all help you encourage more eyes back to your website. Before you even post to social media, do you have a blog page on your site? Contact us today so we can help update your website!

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