Freelance Websites: How to Make Them Effective and Successful

By February 19, 2018February 19th, 2020Branding, Business, Website
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There are many ways to earn a living doing freelance work. This could mean you are a writer, DJ, artist, graphic designer and much more.

While you may not work for a company, it is important to treat your source of income seriously.

If you don’t already, it is incredibly important to create a website for your freelance work, to help create awareness of your products or services. Keep reading for eight essential elements of an effective freelance website.

8 Essential Elements Your Freelance Website Should Have

Your Own Domain Name

While using free hosting sites might seem like a smart budget option, it makes you look unprofessional. The expense will be worth it because a custom domain name gives customers the comfort of knowing that this is a real website and business they can trust; KooSwift offers custom domain names as part of our services.

Easy-to-Follow Navigation

Visitors should effortlessly navigate your site, flowing from one page to the next. Use menu options or page links at the top of every web page for them to click on; if customers struggle to find what they’re looking for, they may move on to another business.

Social Proof

When you include testimonials and endorsements from previous clients on your website, customers identify with them and sign up for your services. In fact, a survey conducted by Dimensional Research revealed that 90% of participants reported that positive reviews influenced their purchasing decisions. If you can add online reviews, you can drum up even more business.

A Face to a Name

Whether you’re a one-person operation or you have a small team helping you out, include photos of you and your team rather than stock photos. Similarly to testimonials, customers connect better with images of real people they’ll be working with.

Pricing Information

While you may have heard it’s not a good idea to include your prices or rates of products and services, it should be included on your website. Buyers want to know prices before they engage with a business and might move along to a more transparent business. If your pricing structure is complicated, consider including a range of prices or list “Prices starting at…” so visitors can see if your services are in their budget.

Mobile Compatibility

It is critical that your website is mobile friendly. Not only are more people searching for information on their phone, but Google is less likely to send traffic your way if your site is not mobile friendly; don’t make it harder to find your business than it needs to be.

Links to Social Media Pages

Give people a chance to get to know you in a different capacity through social media. You want to come across as a real, relatable and trustworthy person, and not just an expert, but a likable expert. Sometimes, a visit to your Facebook page is all someone needs to know you’re the right freelancer for the job; remember to keep this page professional and separate from your personal social media sites.

A Client Area

Your website shouldn’t just be for potential clients, but it should offer help to those who are already doing business with you. Create a client area, which includes contracts, payment policies and other important information here. Then, clients can easily find the information they need when they hire your services.

A freelancer may work independently and on their own schedule, but like a small business, they can benefit from a professional and effective website. If you find yourself too busy to create and maintain a website, contact us for more information on our services.

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