3 Tips: How To Increase Your Website Traffic

By December 7, 2016Website

You’ve spent good time and money creating a perfect website for your business, brand and followers, going over every detail of each page, making it customer friendly and perfected the logo color and placement. Now that your online presence is complete, it is time to get eyes to your site. If you are having trouble driving traffic to your page, here are three tips to increase exposure.

Increase Website Traffic with These Three Tips

Blog Often 

A simple, yet effective way to increase website traffic is through blogging as it’s beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO). The way search engines work, the more you update your website with fresh, quality content, the higher they rank your website in search results. The more internet users see your site, the greater chance they will click through to visit your site, thus increasing your website traffic. When you update your blog, write about topics of relevancy to your industry and of interest to your readers. This will establish your expertise and credibility with visitors as well as the search engines.

Share on Social Media

After you update your blog, one of the best tools you have at your fingertips is social media. To share your posts on social media, write introductory text to the article and share it like any other link you would find online. Your followers who may not know about your business’ site will be exposed to the link and (hopefully) enticed to click through, increasing your website traffic. This provides them with the opportunity to explore and get to know your business better. Facebook and Twitter are the two best social media platforms to share links and information on.

  Create an Email Newsletter 

After you’ve started blogging and sharing your post on social media, the next important step is to create an email newsletter. In fact, research shows consumers are 6 times more likely to click a link from an email than from a tweet. When you send out your email, include company updates, any events coming up and your blog posts. This is yet another way to share links to your site and increase website traffic.

Making an exceptional website is not enough to receive a high number of views each day; you have to do some work to increase your website traffic. KooSwift not only has all of the tools to help you create a professional site, but we also offer marketing tools to help you better understand SEO and ways to increase brand exposure. Contact the KooSwift team today to help your business grow and thrive.

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