3 Reasons Students Need an Online Portfolio

By September 1, 2016Education, Portfolio
An online portfolio is great for students entering the workforce.

Every day the world is becoming more and more digitized, eliminating the need to run to the library to print off enough resumes for every store in town. Hiring businesses ask for a resume or CV; if you’re nearby, you may be able to drop off paperwork, but many simply ask for a digital copy of your education, work history and examples of work. Keep reading to learn why it is important to create an online portfolio when applying for jobs.

  • To Be Seen

A complete and detailed online portfolio will help you be seen by employers and get your name out there. In a competitive workforce, where, as Forbes reported, “The average number of people who apply for any given job is 118,” any tool you can use to your advantage should be used. An online portfolio allows you to ensure that the most current information about yourself and accomplishments are available for hiring managers to see at their convenience.

  • To Stay Organized

One benefit of creating an online portfolio is to have all of your information and necessary documents in one place. It can become hectic for an employer to deal with multiple emails and attachments while trying to decide if you are right for their company. Your online portfolio will contain your personal information, resume, work examples and anything else you want in one space. Our developers will be able to help you create the best site, including different pages, tabs and anything else you need.

  • To Show Off 

Is there an essay, case study or other type of work you spent a lot of time on that not only got you a good grade, but is something you are proud of? Uploading relevant documents to your online portfolio is a great way showoff your recent work and share what you are capable of. Everyone at KooSwift will be happy to help you create a page that reflects the hard work you put into your documents.

Students can benefit from creating an online portfolio because it will allow them to be seen, stay organized and show off their hard work. At KooSwift, we have dedicated web designers that can guide you in creating an online portfolio or create it for you depending on your needs. Contact us today to get started!

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